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Multiple and Specific mRNA Processing Targets for the Major Human hnRNP Proteins 
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The data in figure 1 is shown as an interactive page with various clicking options.
  • Click on any square to see the electpherogram data that gave rise to it (controls on the left, siRNA knockdown on the right) for the cell lines indicated.
  • Click on the gene name at the end of each row for details of the splice being investigated. Within this page click on isoform sequences for sequence details. Within this page click on translation for potential amino acid differences encoded by all three reading frames. Red regions highlight the alternatively spliced differences.
  • Click on the gene name at the bottom of the page for a cartoon view of the alternative splicing events. Within this page click next to the primer names for primer sequences. Click on the reaction bars for details of expected and found peaks.
RBP HeatMap : RBPHeatmap
Gene list : Gene list
Gene Reactions Links
AKAP13 349 AceView 35.4 AKAP13
APAF1 349 AceView 35.4 APAF1
APG5L 261 AceView 35.4 APG5L
APLP2 141 AceView 35.4 APLP2
ARID4B 211 AceView 35.4 ARID4B
AXIN1 349 AceView 35.4 AXIN1
AXL 349 AceView 35.4 AXL
AXUD1 211 AceView 35.4 AXUD1
BARD1 138 AceView 35.4 BARD1
BAX 349 AceView 35.4 BAX
BCL2L1 349 AceView 35.4 BCL2L1
BCL2L11 232 AceView 35.4 BCL2L11
BCL2L12 232 AceView 35.4 BCL2L12
BCLAF1 211 AceView 35.4 BCLAF1
BID 3 AceView 35.4 BID
BIRC5 232 AceView 35.4 BIRC5
BMF 138 AceView 35.4 BMF
BNIP1 443 AceView 35.4 BNIP1
BRAF 408 AceView 35.4 BRAF
BRCA1 560 AceView 35.4 BRCA1

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