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Admin: Supplementary Data for Michelle et al. 2012

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Analysis Execution date Actions
Globally found peaks 2010-09-16T09:17:33
Peak matching to globally found peaks 2010-09-16T09:59:43
Fake expected peaks from Globally Found Peaks 2010-09-16T10:01:54
PSI on two most abundant peaks > 5.0 nM in [90,1000] bps 2010-09-16T10:02:39
Unexpected peak alignment in 7.50%, [90,1000], > 4.00 nM 2010-09-16T10:58:29
Fluorescence graphs 2010-09-16T10:59:43
Gene primer pair list 2010-09-16T11:02:35
Transcript map 2010-09-16T11:03:11
Primer sequence 2010-09-16T13:43:23
PSI Representation 2010-09-16T13:59:22

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