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Identification of alternative splicing markers for breast cancer
Cancer Research. 2008 Nov 15; 68(22)

Links in this section allow the user to interactively view all the data described in Venables et al., 2008. The screen for breast cancer markers was conducted in three stages:
  1. Alternative splicing events in 600 cancer associated genes were examined in two normal breast and two cancerous breast pools, click on "Breast Discovery Screen" to view this,
  2. Promising alternative splicing events were assayed in 21 normal and 26 cancerous samples, click on "Breast Validation Screen" to view this,
  3. The markers that distinguished normal from cancerous breast were assayed in a further set of assorted breast samples, click on "breast blind set" to view this.
Most pages contain links labelled "help" for explanations of the features (data and links) found therein.

[2008/08/21] 4. Extra Blind Set Breast Grade Markers

[2008/05/22] 1. Breast Discovery Screen

[2007/11/19] 3. Breast Blind Set

[2007/08/27] 2. Breast Validation Screen

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